DELTA PDP CONGRESS: Esiso, The Choice Of Deltans In Contemporary Politics

The king who always need an egg to appease the gods but declared killings of all hens in his community may not live long to tell the tales of what may transpire in the nearest future.

Taking a perusal look at some of the political antecedents in the last general election, you will understand that the only man who never deviated from the party Constitution is Olorogun Barr. Kingsley Esiso. 

A compilation made by the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) New Media, Ehwarieme O. A, noted that Barr. Esiso, initiated ward to ward campaign.

He introduced the ‘mosquito” campaign system! Why don’t you let go of a viper with its poisonous venom. 

He was able to send many so called Gubernatorial candidates to relegation!

It was like the test of popularity and goodwill between the duo of Chief Great Ogboru and Olorogun Barr Kingsley Esiso in their local government area. 

According to him, Esiso had no anointed candidate! He witnessed the massive defection of opposition members and there were no court cases!

Hear him: “All agrieved members were reunited! His elections were seen to be the most transparent in the history of Delta Politics- Fair, credible, and universally acceptable!

“I think it’s irrational for us not to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. What’s the primary purpose of getting married if not to bear children? 

“Esiso is vocal, embedded with wisdom, handsome, literate, and above all a philanthropist who is saddled with the responsibility of putting smiles on the faces of his people. Even the Bible explicitly said that prophets are not honoured in their own land.

“This is a clarion call for all PDP members in Delta State to vote or reward Esiso with their votes. It’s only a foolish Coach that will replace a good player with incompetent one!

“I just sniggered at his rivals who scold their daughters for getting pregnant for choir Masters while their wives are pregnant for their Chief priest!

“With the interpersonal relationship between the state Governor and Barr Kingsley Esiso, Delta State PDP is in safe hands!

As the 2023 general election gets closer, the experienced, tested, trusted, reliable, unbiased, and transparent man should be given the opportunity to pilot our great party.

“The hair of the anus always give way for the faeces to pass. Let’s support our own son, PDP, Esiso. From the Eastern part of Ethiope, we say Esiso again.


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