Covid-19: Nigerians Asked To Seek God’s Mercies


As the number of Coronavirus hits 24077, Nigerians have been charged to resort to God, seek his face and Mercies in order to overcome the global pandemic which has killed 558 Nigerians.

The call was made Sunday by a playwright, politician and president cum Coordinator, Atiku Abubakar Media Vanguard, Peresine Watchman, on his verified twitter handle.

He said Nigerians should not be afraid of Covid-19, urging them to come before God and ask for his mercies and put their believe in Him alone to conquer the epidemic.

According to him, fear had affected and killed people psychologically but those who seek the face of God would always overcome this perilous time.

In his tweet, Watchman said: “If this Corona Virus continues to spread in the world and international flights are being restricted from carrying out operations till the end of the year 2020, then many Nigeria’s Leaders who always go to foreign countries for medical treatment will die of the ailments that always take them abroad, except God shows them mercy.

“As Covid-19 affects the poor in a poorer way, the rich, (especially those who have stolen public funds and those who are still stealing public funds to the detriment of Nigeria and the Nigerian populace), are also being prevented by Covid-19 from traveling abroad for medical reasons.

“It’s unreasonable for any Leader to still think of stealing public funds to accumulate unnecessary wealth for his/her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren as late Sani Abacha did, instead of using such funds to build World-class  Hospitals in all the States and the Headquarters of the 774 LGAs in Nigeria, and standard cottage Hospitals or befiting Health Centres in all communities and villages.

“Nigerian government as a matter of necessity, should carry out measures to fumigate every part of the country, to eliminate diease causing insects like mosquitoes, etc, and provide portable waters in the cities and rural areas, for both the poor and the rich to have a healthy living.

“I also use this medium to advise Governments at the Federal and State levels to create job opportunities for the youths, make business friendly policies and create the enabling environment for businesses to boom.

“Nigerians, especially those who refuse to learn a lesson from Covid-19 outbreak, and are still stealing funds meant for infrastructural and human capital developments should realize that God’s judgement awaits everyone for the seed one sows.

“There is no doubt, Nigerians have often times abused the privilege given to them by God to make choices. Instead of making the right choices, we make wrong choices, because we never cared to involve God in our decision making proceses – in politics and in governance.

“Government officials should genuinely involve God in governance and always ask God for divine direction; they should govern the people with the fear of God in their plans, actions and deeds.

“Nigerians should also humble themselves and ask God for mercy, to save the nation from this predicament Nigeria is into, and for Him to always lead us alright to make the right choices in choosing progressive and patrotic Nigerians  as political leaders at the National, State and Local Government levels.

“It saddens my heart that the Government across the globe has so much believe in sciences and medicine to overcome this pandemic disease but fails to realize that God can eliminate this virus in a day. They echoed and have been re-echoing the scientific and medical guidelines and precautionary measures for one to take in order not to be infested with the virus without including God’s precautionary measures and guidelines, as the figures keep increasing daily.

“I believe strongly that what kills and affects someone psychologically is fear, and fear is something one believes that exists even if that thing does not actually exist; what you believe that does not exist cannot kill or affect you even if it truly exists. It’s high time Nigerian governments at all levels realized this and involve God’s guidelines to conquer the existing unexisting Covid-19 in the country”, he added.


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