Covid-19: Human Rights Accuse Delta Government Of Playing With Lives Of Deltans


The Delta state government policy on covid-19 is satanic, deceitful and shameful hence our death rate is increasing daily in Delta State.

 It is unfortunate the governor is gambling with the lives of Deltans for cheap gains, the National Coordinator, Conference for Human Right, Omes Ogedegbe, had said.

In a statement Monday morning, Ogedegbe, Esq., said the drama that played out when the Health Commissioner, Dr. Mordi Ononye and officials of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), were called on an emergency.

Hear him: “Our brother and friend Theophilus Onojeghen the Managing Editor of Delta Today online media  submitted his blood sample for testing after he came in contact with somebody who later became positive for covid-19 on Monday 23/6/2020 and sadly it came back negative.

“It was then we realized there are no isolation centres in Delta state as the Delta state health commissioner told him to self isolate in his house knowing he has a  wife and a son. 

“When his health situation was degenerating the NCDC was contacted but no response our health commissioner again directed his wife to go and purchase the drugs from a pharmacy at Patient cost, thereby exposing the wife  who ought to be on self isolation along with their son.

“On Saturday 28th June 2020 Mr. Theo became terribly sick and was having difficulty breathing, his wife was forced to raise an alarm an serious pressure was mounted on the NCDC officers who  reluctantly  arrived 2 hours later to their home dramatically blaring their Syrens  in the area for people to notice they are working. 

“Upon their arrival, we saw a disappointing NCDC officials with out the requisite kits  wearing on a face mask no hand gloves and he was informed to enter their vehicle before he was  taken to central hospital warri. 

“The blood sample of his wife and son were not taken neither were they interested in contact tracing,his wife and son are to wait for themselves to get sick before any concern will be shown,they are expected to self isolate and without any provisions made,the government of Delta state is more irresponsible. 

“The death rate in Delta state is increasing everyday and the governor is not bothered. Is this how the governor’s daughter was treated?, Ogedegbe, queried.


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