Chairman PDP Campaign Council, Takes Chairman APC Campaign Council To Public Drycleaner


Ganduje, had reportedly said he would take Wike to Isolation centre before the commencement of the election in Edo State.

But responding to Ganduje, the Rivers governor asked that between him and Ganduje,, who should be be taken to isolation centre?

“A man who pockets dollars in babanriga (flowing gown) from contractors is not isolated and you say that me should be isolated. In this country, where are we heading to?

“Let me tell you why they (APC) made Ganduje the chairman of the campaign council; it is because of the dollars they saw. But for dollars, Ganduje could not have been made the chairman of the campaign council.

“But what he doesn’t understand is that we are from the Niger Delta; we shall chop his dollar and we will chop him to a coma. So, Ganduje, your dollar will not work in Edo State, we have integrity in our party.

“If Nigeria is supposed to be a country. If Nigeria is supposed to be a country, Gandolar will be in kirikiri prison Isolation center by now”, Wike said.


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