THE STORY: Girl Refused Boyfriend’s Proposal In Public Place In Delta


An embarrassing scene was created by a yet to be identified lovers in Igbudu maket, near corner Chemist, Warri, Delta state.

Trouble started Sunday when the unidentified male lover in a bid to impress his girlfriend knelt down in the public market to propose to her.

However, what would have turned into a marital relationship became sour as the girl refused the proposal.

This attracted passerbys who pleaded profusely with the girl to accept the proposal but the girl who was dressed in a blue gown, walked out on her boyfriend.

The action of the girl attracted wide rage of anger from onlookers who expected the positive side of the whole drama but got disappointed at the end.

The lover boy broke down in tears after he tried painstakingly to make his girlfriend accept his proposal but was in vain.

Onlookers however jeered at the girl after she abandoned her lovers to public ridicules, shame and disgrace while the lover boy who was dressed in a jean trouser and a designer short sleeve, with glasses and a face cap.


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