Ewu, Urhobo People And Their Political Suffering In Ughelli South Politics

By Akpovoke Otiti

Ughelli South local government area comprises of three axis, namely: Olomu, Ughievwen and the Ewu Axis. But the Ewu axis is faced with¬† complex domestic and foreign situations, the now¬† indigenes have little opportunity to exercise influence on governance and policy, this means they are politically irrelevant in the Okowa’s administration.

Akpovoke Otiti, lamented the gross marginalization of the Ewu people, these are people with¬† three Great Kingdoms. They are politically irrelevant in the scheme of affairs in Delta as a state and even within it’s local government. The rest two axis in Ughelli South are politically equipped with mouth watering positions¬† why the Ewu axis are been discussed with, through the back door system of micaiver politics.¬†

It is high time the Ewu people share their situations and their insights with the public, such as Okowa making them all becomes political orphans in their own state and local government,¬†it is crystal clear in Okowa’s first tenure that no¬†sons and daughters of Ewu land rose to a good position and here comes his second term same applies. The question is, What is really the offense of these people who laboured for you during elections?

The people of Ewu are faced with a complicated conflict-ridden political marginalization. These are situations allegedly caused by Okowa and other Ughelli south politicians to render the people of Ewu irrelevant, yet those who were able to secure, Senior Special Assistant (SSA), Personal Assistant (PA) among others to themselves in these Okowa’s harsh government see nothing wrong in the happening as they always do devotion in their home to pray for Okowa at the expense of others who are suffering.¬†

Added to this is the social tension caused by the Okowa administration  particularly the marginalization of people of Ewu axis, this is having such a drastic effect on development and growth of the Area. Many people are migrating to the cities in search of white-collar jobs.

However, this flow of migration has led to increasing calls from the ‚Äėindigenes‚Äô for protection from the ‚Äėnon-indigenes‚Äô.


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