Clarion Call By The Udu People On Hon. Justice Irikefe Iyasere: The Credible Servant-Leader To Serve In The Third Tier Of Government

The multifaceted problems ravaging the Continent of Africa nay Nigeria are not primarily the fatal blow dealt on her by imperialism and colonial conquest. Neither are they more of the social, cultural, economic and political dislocations caused by the ravages and horrors of its subjugation by the near-devil capitalists slave merchants from Europe and the Americas. Its major problem has been and have always been the dearth of credible and responsive leaders.

The search for credible servants leaders have continued unabated to prop up and resonated in our political space for too long a time. Nigeria’s snail movement to the 21st Century has been retarded as a result of poor leadership. 

No doubt, with the entry of so many young vibrant Nigerians into the political scene across the lengths and breadths of the nation as reminisced with Hon. Justice Iyasere, that age-long search have finally come to a halt especially as it relates to the good people of Udu who are known traditional democrats. Armed with his tremendous political wealth of experience, Hon. Justice Irikefe Iyasere, offers the good people of Udu that visionary driven servant leader-like style of leadership. 

Ahead of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) Primaries, Hon. Justice Irikefe Iyasere, yielded to the clarion call of the Udu people and presented himself to serve as Chairman come 2021.

Entrusting your votes to Hon. Justice Irikefe Iyasere, would not in any way be a wasted effort. He is committed to this course, and ever more ready to offer that quality, selfless,  people-centered style of leadership to the good people of Udu. 

His humility, respect and love for his people makes him stand out from the crowd, and different from those self-serving politicians and for which the prolific Tanzanian writer, Walter Rodney aptly captured in this remark ”…the rise of the state and superior classes led to the practice whereby common subjects prostrated themselves in the presence of…aristocrats”. 

Hon. Justice Irikefe Iyasere doesn’t discriminate. Despite having been successful through hard work and diligence, he regards all humans as important. His unquenchable love for his people inspires his commitment to the advancement and development of Udu and Urhobo in general. 

We therefore passionately appeal to all facets of the good people of Udu Kingdom of the Urhobo nation, party leaders, politicians, community leaders, the youths and the women to support the emergence of Hon. Justice Irikefe Iyasere in the PDP Primaries, and to rally all necessary support that will make him victorious in next year General Elections. 

In the words of Frantz Fanon “…if  we want humanity to advance a step further…then we must invent and we must make discoveries”. This is what Hon. JUSTICE IYASERE believes and stands for. The time to act is now! 

JOSEPH ERHOVWOJESE EVUGHAYE, B. A (Hons.) Linguistics, Delsu, M. A (Hons.) English Language, Unizik-Awka, a Public Affairs Analyst and currently a Senior Admin. Officer, DESOPADEC was a former, Research/Media Assistant to Prof. G. G. Darah, former Chief of Staff, Delta State Government.


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