Aniocha South Vice Chairman Redefine Politics


Politics has been redefined as service to humanity and making positive impact.

Vice chairman, Aniocha south local government council of Delta State, Hon Joe Ikenwe, re echoed the service to humanity and upliftment of the living standard of the people as the bedrock upon which political leadership finds its meaning and expression. 

The Ubulu-Uku born politician disclosed this in his office in Ogwashi-Uku in an interaction with the CEO of NOL24 TV.

“Politics is about doing what is expedient using the instrumentality of  government to uplift the living standards of the community. There is first the disposition to serve and there is this inner peace and joy you derive when you see the served feeling good. Political leadership is about identifying the overriding needs of the community and rallying the available and possible resources  to meet these needs”.

The cheerful and humble politician is said to have been in the service of the community for a long time, predating his adventure into partisan politics.

The calm but goal getting politician who was an executive leader of Ubulu-Uku Sons and Daughters in Abuja, is said to have always devoted his life to the service of the community with his sight always on positive impact.

“Let me say politics was not actually what I was set out to do because, uptil the beginning of the last decade, I was just while in my private practice doing what I feel was necessary for the good of my people and the community where I found myself.

“A committed dedication to the welfare of my community in the little capacity I had was all that there was to it. I have in many instances interfaced with political leaders in the course of seeking to ensure that the objectives of my community is achieved. To this end, I would say I have been active politically.” It is pertinent to state here that seeing how the politician I call my mentor: Hon Mrs Joan Mrakpor has continually impacted her political community with ever growing dedication and with the fear of God has, to a huge extent, influenced my move into partisan politics.

In the politics of this epoch that is littered with the confusion of leadership and drying focus on community service, the politician reiterated the essence of focus and the expediency of tutelage in the journey of political leadership.

“Let me say I have been blessed to have political leaders who have in many ways guided my political development. I did mention my Leader, Hon Joan Mrakpor, whose consistency in impactful service has been of phenomenal influence. 

“My leader and Boss here; Chief Hon Isaac Anwuzia, the politically sagacious leader whom I refer to as a political technocrat is someone you cannot but appreciate for the opportunity to learn so much from. There are so many others spread across the LGA and beyond whose relationship has in many ways helped to build one up. But, most essential is the understanding of the place of respect for ones leaders which cannot be over emphasised while still keeping your eyes on the goal, which is the service of the community.

“The politics and politicking of the LGA is months ahead, and is far from decided. Aniocha South is laced with astute political Firepowers and politically conscious community people. But give it to them, they have a unique way of speaking for and taking their stand and coming through harmoniously”.


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