UPDATE: Heavily Armed Bandits Cart Away N1.5 Million Allegedly Meant For Vote Buying In Imo


Daredevil robbers on Saturday attacked the agents of the All Progressive Congress (APC) at All Saints Anglican Church, Egbu and carted away over N1.5 million.

The hoodlums had walked into the church premises housing four polling units in their numbers amidst shooting and demanded the money from the APC officials.

LEADERSHIP saw people including policemen and journalists running helter-skelter amidst heavy shooting.

A voter, Okey told LEADERSHIP that the gunmen had walked into the premises like regular voters only to spring a surprise by pulling out their arms, while policemen took to their heels.

He said “We had just finished complaining about the APC agent’s low bargaining for votes when these boys walked in and demanded for the money that was about to be shared amidst heavy shooting, while everyone took to their heels.

“Everything happened in less than two minutes as everyone had run away. They simply walked away into their vehicles, and sped off”, Okey said.

According to him, the agents were sharing the money amongst themselves before the incident.


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