Three killed, 10 Wounded, Church Set Ablaze In Transformer Explosion


A transformer explosion has killed three persons including a mother and her daughter at the Yaunde Tunfure area of Gombe State

According to the report, 10 other persons were also inflicted with serious injuries.

An eyewitness asserted that the transformer explosion was caused by the heavy wind which blew the high tension cable to touch the service line that brought power to the transformer.

Some Locals maintained that Mrs Patrick, the woman who died with her daughter, woke up following the electric spark to switch off her refrigerator but was electrocuted in the process.

The daughter of the woman who died in the incident was also electrocuted when she went to touch her mother lying on the floor in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, a similar incident of a mother and daughter which led to the killing of a man occurred within the neighbourhood when the man tried to switch off his electrical gadgets.

Also, Pastor Solomon of Cherubim and Seraphim Church building along the same street went up in flames.

The police spokesperson ASP Mahid Mu’azu in Gombe state posited that three persons were confirmed dead at the Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe.

“Two of them are women and one man. We are still investigating the cause of the incident but the interim report said it was due to a power surge,” he said.

However, the governor of the state, Muhammadu Yahaya paid a condolence visit to the families of the victims and donated N1.5 million to the affected families.

The governor of the state Muhammadu Yahaya instructed Jos Electricity Distribution (JED) to immediately look into the remote and immediate causes of the incident.


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