SHOCKER: See Why Cabals Are Fustrating IMC’s Forensic Audit

Revelations are emerging on daily basis why some powerful persons in the corridors of power in the national and State levels are in a fight to finish to truncate the forensic audit ordered by president Muhammadu Buhari, over seven months ago.
Findings revealed that some senators and individuals have allegedly awarded to themselves contracts running into millions of naira from the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

These contracts awarded have been purportedly paid for with nothing on ground to show for, thereby denying the communities they are met to benefit.
Investigation revealed that the construction of a Cottage Hospital for the people of Abari, Patani local government area of Delta state, allegedly paid for, has since been abandoned.
The contract which was awarded to one Shady Briggs Nigeria Limited, was awarded by NDDC.
This alleged injustice is what those behind the purported corruption don’t want the public to know, hence, they took the part to truncate the forensic audit by the Interim Management Committee (IMC),  with accusations and counter accusations.

Gbagi Burial Poster

The present state of the cottage Hospital is an eyesore as grasses have overgrown the caricature building as the said contractor was allegedly mobilized to site but he absconded and abandoned the poeple oriented project not to see the lights of the day.
This and many more the ongoing forensic audit would unearth.


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