PARIS CLUB: Discipline Igbole Now Or … – Uboh To Justice Tsoho


One of the Paris Club Consultants, Panic Alert Security Systems (PASS) has urged Honorable Justice T.T Tsoho, to take judicial notice and mete out the requisite disciplinary sanctions on P.H Ogbole, SAN for alleged extrajudicial actions being ‘injurious and contemptuous’ to their interests.

Contained in a letter signed by Dr George Uboh, made available to newsmen, PASS urged Justice Tsoho to discipline Ogbole in order to erase the perceived bias.

In the same vein, the company also stressed that should the Judge fail in disciplinary effort, shall be reported to the National Judicial Council (NJC) for aiding and abetting such action after the fact.

According to the letter, “after all, a senior lawyer who should know the ramifications of using a court order to commit offence can only do such if he thinks he can get away with such action based on perceived personal relationship with the judge.”

PASS has accused P.H Ogbole SAN, of misconstruing, misinterpreting and twisting a court judgement to fraudulently trick the bank to take adverse action against its customers in an attempt to fraudulently twart the fiduciary duty any financial institution owes its customer.

“Assuming without conceding that PANIC ALERT is the name of our firm, did the September 20, 2022 judgement by Justice Tsoho, which Ogbole alluded to which purportedly set aside or annulled the so-called consent judgement expressly direct UBA plc to take adverse action on our three bank accounts, Ogbole mentioned in his letter to UBA PLC?”

“If the answer is negative, the Ogbole’s unilateral directive to UBA plc to take adverse action on our three bank accounts is extrajudicial, capricious, whimsical and certainly injurious to us.” The letter read.

Ogbole writes UBA

Following a judgement of court on suit NO FHC/ ABJ/ CS/ 123/ 2018: Panic Alert Security Systems Limited & OR VS Incorporated Trustees of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, Ogbole wrote in a letter dated 21 September, 2022, to the United Bank of Africa (UBA) to disallow transactions on accounts maintained by PANIC ALERT and its nominee.

He recalled that ten promissory notes amounting to $47 million were issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria to PANIC ALERT pursuant of a judgement.

However, he stated that the said consent judgement has been nullified and set aside by the Federal High Court Abuja in judgement delivered by Justice J. T Tsoho, Chief Judge of the Federal High Court on September 20, 2022.

He claimed that by virtue of the judgement the ten promissory notes issued by the Federal Government stood automatically nullified and cancelled.

“It is therefore in the interest of your bank to act cautiously and not to take any step, process or discount the promissory noted in favour of PANIC ALERT or its nominees. Doing so may be at great risk and may lead to colossal losses to the bank as no value will accrue to the promissory notes upon maturity.” The letter read.


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