PALLIATIVE: Over 200 Households To Share One Bag Of Rice


As the economy bites harder due to the removal of subsidy, over 200 households are set to share a bag of rice distributed as palliative in Ogun State.

The Mowe Community Development Association (CDA) Chairman in Ogun State, Timothy Agboola has lamented the portion of palliative given to his community.

In a video seen on social media, the CDA chairman showed a bag of grain that was given to his community of over 200 households.

He claimed that he did not know how he could distribute it to reach all the houses under him.

He said, “The houses under me are more than 200. I don’t even know how to distribute this to reach everyone in my CDA.

“They will later say they distributed palliative, this is not palliative because I don’t even know how to present it to my CDA members.

“I am showing this to the general public because they may later say they used billions of naira to buy palliative.

“I don’t know how they want me to distribute this palliative.”

The palliative was given by the government to ease the economic hardships created by removal of fuel subsidy.

SaharaReporters had reported how human rights and pro-democracy group, Take-It-Back Movement (TIB), tackled the President Bola Tinubu-led Nigerian government over the distribution of “few cups of Garri” as palliative.

This was confirmed by the TIB group which uploaded a photograph of the food packaged with the text “Badagry West LCDA, Fuel Subsidy, Palliative Initiative Package”.

It added that the supposed palliative would not end the socio-economic challenges Nigerians had been facing in recent time.

The group wrote: “Distributing few cups of garri as subsidy palliatives to Nigerians is not only unfortunate, it is a direct insult on the sensibilities of the Nigerian people.

“How do few cups of garri address the problem of increased cost of transportation? How does it tackle the challenge of unaffordable cost of food? How does this mitigate the issue of increasing poverty, and unprecedented hardship occasioned by subsidy removal?

President @officialABAT is treating Nigerians like a conquered people. It’s only a matter of time before he provokes them to the streets.”

Credit: The Liberator


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