Onyemaechi Makes Huge Sacrifice For Brother’s Political Ambition, Ubulu Clan


The immediate past Commissioner for Technical Education, Hon. Pastor Joan Onyemaechi, popularly called Ada Anioma, has made an unprecedented show of love not only for his brother, Hon Jude Chukwunweike, the immediate past Chairman of Aniocha south council, but for Ubulu Clan, in the council area.

The former House of Representatives member, did the unimaginable to accommodate the interests of her younger brother and the Ubulu Clan to retain the chairmanship position.

Hon. Chukwunweike, the former chairman of the council had just finished his first tenure with remarkable projects, and he is seeking to return to complete the two terms of Ubulu Clan.

The former Director General, Delta State Capital Territory Development Agency, in a feat, put up her resignation from the cabinet of Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori’s administration to pave way for Ubulu Clan chairmanship candidate in the forthcoming local government elections in the state.

The outstanding female political juggernaut, in a post on her verified Facebook page, said: “I have officially resigned my position as honourable commissioner for technical education, Delta State.

“We must always provide a platform for others to rise politically”.

The stability of the council and state was very important to her as she needed to play her role for the council towards a peaceful election, otherwise, retaining her office as Commissioner which is at the discretion of the governor, has nothing to do with his brother’s ambition, which comes by zoning arrangement.

Prior to her resignation, Pastor Onyemaechi, who is among the few women standing politically in Aniocha/Oshimili, Anioma nation and Delta north in general, said in an interview that those behind the protest are jostling for power in the wrong way.

Hear her: “A position that is zoned to Ubulu clan, you wake and say they will not complete the zoning again because they are siblings. The council office has maintained a zoning formula.

“Nsukwa Clan, went on elective position, there was a break, Governor Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, did not carry out election immediately after, he did transition, he took another Nsukwa Clan person to complete their tenure.

“So, they did both the elective and the appointive/transition, he completed their tenure.

“Ogwashi-Uku man came there, did six years, completed it even when there was an initial contention that before 1999, he had been to the council before and that doing two terms again will mean three terms, some of us stood for him and he completed the two tenures under this dispensation of 1999.

“Let’s even take it from 1999, Ogwashi, completed their two tenures, then it came to Ubulu. Ubulu, did their first tenure, this is the second tenure and somebody is saying because the elder sister of the council chairman had just been made commissioner, then that zoning should no longer stand.

“So, that council should move to somewhere else because the governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, made me a commissioner? So, we should now go and tell Ubulu people that the two tenures Nsukwa and Ogwashi did that Ubulu will no longer be able to do theirs. God forbid because there is a Commissioner somewhere?

“What is the relationship between being a commissioner and completing a pattern that has been zoned to everybody. By the grace of God Ubulu will complete their second tenure this 2024 to 2027”, she declared.

Continuing she said: “you are fighting that Ubulu clan should not complete the council, they should do only one term because they now have commissioner. So, when you wake tomorrow morning and the cabinet is dissolved.

“The Nsukwa clan did theirs for two terms, the Ogwashi clan completed theirs of two terms, now is the turn of Ubulu clan.

“The young man had done one term and he deserves his second term in office. How is it my fault that I am patronized by government with an appointment? Our party, the PDP and government respect zoning.

“Well, what I see today, is human beings not been able to manage their lives.

“When you are desperate, you are desperate onto a fault and you are desperate onto unhappiness. It is funny that somebody comes with falsehood to say that the last election, 2023 election, that I lost my unit and ward to Labour Party.

“That was part of what they wrote in their story to the government house. When they went to government house with some funny people I saw including the person that was supposed to be presenting a document that couldn’t read the document that was handled over to him.

“I heard something like in the last election, she lost all her unit to Labour. Well, I am from ward 5 in Aniocha south and I have five units in the primary school where I vote. In the five units, I have 78, 98 as against APC 20 and Labour 51.

“Where I voted in particular, unit 7, 138. The conclusion is that PDP 973, APC 402 and Labour 719, that is the results of my unit and my Ward.

She blasted them for making mockery of themselves by been cheap blackmailers, on a futile blackmailing mission, saying “because you were desperate to damage who you think or imagine you can damage that you can never succeed to. You go with a printed document, stupidly handed it over to a government official, maintaining that she didn’t lost her unit neither ward in the 2023 election.

“I wish people will learn that power belongs to God and what God cannot give you, better don’t be desperate to have it, otherwise, you will be full of regret”.

She advised the older politicians to stop making mockery of the youths, “let us stop this thing, people are looking beyond us. When we think we are smart, we forget that people are smarter, maintaining that people should be thankful and be contented and take things the way they are”, insisting that Ubulu clan would complete their two terms as Chairman of the Council.


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