Olumba Obu Vows To Invoke Earthquake To End Israel-Palestine War


Israel and Palestine have been warned to end the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip or face God’s punishment through an earthquake.

The Spiritual Leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS), His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, gave the warning while addressing adherents and guests at the end of a-one-day fasting and prayers held at the World Headquarters of BCS, Ambo Street, Calabar South, Cross River, Monday.

Olumba Obu, who also seriously cautioned both countries to go for peace instead of the wanton killings, insisted that, “war can never be the answer to their problems.”

He warned that if both foes do not stop the war and go for peace, they would earn God’s wrath whereby earthquake will level the whole places for peace to reign.

The BCS Spiritual Leader, who is otherwise addressed as the “King of kings and Lord of lords,” by his adherents, said the “one-day 6:00am to 6:00pm household fasting for liberation,” was for God to use and liberate families on one hand and quell the Israeli-Palestinian war on the other.

“The Father has put a stop to the fighting as a result of the fasting.

“The land that Israelis are occupying belongs to the Palestinians.

“But Israel wants to use ‘open eye’ to take the land. That will not be possible.

“Therefore, God has stopped the war. Israel, you have to stop the fight.

“There has to be peace. “Israel thinks because they have the arsenals and supports from United States of America, they can go on killing, that is rubbish. The war must stop.

“Both Israel and Palestine need the gospel of bearing one another’s burdens. Although, unfortunately, the Israelis don’t believe in God and don’t even believe that He exists.

“The Palestines are Muslims yet both are children of God, and are loved by God,” Olumba Obu stated.

Olumba Obu, who assured that “God does exist, and He is the Can Do God,” added that, “God is the only One to save them in this quagmire.”

He reiterated that Israelis will never win the war although they claim that they are winning the war because of all the sophisticated weapons and supports they enjoy from their friends, the US in particular.

“But I tell you that they’re not going to win even with the supports and so called sophisticated weapons. To save the situation, they should look for peace.

“Otherwise, I am going to call for earthquake to level the whole place, so that there can be peace,” he stated.

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