NDDC: Release Looters Names, Nigeria Will Not Break — Journalist Tells Ojougboh


Journalist and Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants, Mr. Iteveh Ekpokpobe has called on the Interim Management Committee of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), to list all looters and beneficiaries of the financial corruption in the history of the Commission.

He said exposing the looters, would make the business of anti-corruption easier as opposed to a statement that such information could break Nigeria, credited to the Commission’s Executive Director, Projects, Chief Cairo Ojougboh.

Iteveh who spoke to newsmen in Abuja, said the little ruffle on the feathers of the commission had exposed the level of corruption seeping through it over the years.

According to him, the resultant effect of corruption was the deprivation of the region in terms of development, “Questions will be asked by posterity about what we did with our past. Every looter must be made to suffer for their sins. They have stolen our yesterday. They have hands on our today. Their eyes are still set on our tomorrow.

“Looters should be made to take the walk of shame and atone for the evil and deprivation they have meted on the South-South region. If not, posterity will not be merciful to us and the government in their judgment”, Iteveh stressed.

Cairo Ojougboh, the Executive Director in charge of projects at the Niger Delta Development Commission, said in an interview with newsmen that Nigerians would be shocked if the list of persons involved in contract scam at the Commission is released.

Ojougboh who spoke in an interview with the Vanguard noted that the National Assembly picked a sudden interest in the activities of the Interim Management Committee of the NDDC because the lawmakers are culpable.

He particularly said the lawmakers were unsettled by the forensic audit of the NDCC ordered by President Muhammadu Buhari.

“A Senator came and said that in the list of 2016 they brought, that he had only six contracts, I said no, that he had more. What he didn’t know is that we did not release the list for 2017 and the one for 2019. If we release it this country will break”.

While elaborating on why he said the country would break, the NDDC top official said the calibre of people involved in the scam would surprise Nigerians.


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