Flooding In A Section Of The Ebonyi International Market, No Need To Panic


Yesterday, we received the report of flooding in the Margret Umahi International Market – an occurrence that temporarily disrupted economic activities in a meagre part of the Lot 2 section of the world-class international market, there’s assuredly less need for panic as Ebonyi case is not an isolated case, says Mr. Francis Nwaze, the Special Assistant to the Ebonyi State governor on Media and Publicity.

Just a day ago, commuters aboard various mass transits could not arrive their destinations as expected, owing to the flowing of the river Niger beyond its bank. 

Gbagi Burial Poster

Many were ‘trapped’ by the flooding in Lokoja, Kogi State. Needless to recount the lethargy that attended the rescue of commuters from the incidence.

Flooding is usually ‘expected’ during the rainy season, thus it didn’t come as a surprise that this year’s rainy season overflowed its bank thereby disrupting economic activities in our newly reconstructed international market.

Armed with the geothermal, geological and geographical data of the state, His Excellency, Engr David Umahi – a seasoned civil and structural engineer designed and integrated drainage system solitarily to address flooding eventualities.

This is why he has intensified efforts towards the holistic overhaul of all faced off facilities in the capital city and beyond.

The Governor, Engr David Umahi has nearly completed the rehabilitation and reconstruction of internal roads with drainages within the capital city – reason: to ensure blocked channels are unblocked to avoid flooding in the state. 

It is no news that in the retinue and itinerary of His Excellency’s schedule are rehabilitation, maintenance works in the state.

It’s one too many works embarked by this administration to forestall natural disasters – flooding which is chief. Through the Ministry of Environment, the state government has called for a rethink of the activities that endanger the environment – indiscriminate disposal of refuse.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency’s warning of utilising appropriate refuse disposal systems or facilities, building in conformity with regulatory compliance, creating tunnels and channels for erosions and drainages would have salvaged a great deal, ecological disasters. 

Unfortunately, many builders, residents and grocery sellers; especially in the market, landlords and tenants have failed to take operational and judicial notice of this warning and, display “what concerns me” and “I don’t care attitude ” thereby erecting buildings and structures on waterways. 

The result of that character is the flooding, that in most cases, sack communities. While as usual, an emergency response team from the state government has been dispatched to the market, we must take responsibilities for our recklessness against the environment.

Let’s support Governor Umahi in his matchless wisdom to protect us from flooding, ecological problems and other natural disasters, not just in the Margret Umahi International Market, but the entire state.

We must as a matter of urgency, stop dumping refuse on the gutters during rainy days. Stop indiscriminate disposal of refuse. And use only designated locations for your refuse dump.

However, It is important to note that this is the first year that market activities are occurring in the international market and as such, all-natural occurrences are noted for proper intervention which will avert its possible recurrence.


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