Corps member donates allowances for Tinubu’s presidential ambition


The 2023 presidential aspiration of the National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu got a boost as a serving member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has donated his remaining monthly allowance as his contribution to the Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s presidential project.

The Corps member, Musa Darazo, who is currently serving his fatherland in Gombe State, spoke to journalists at the NUJ Press Center in Bauchi on Friday, saying that the gesture was his own little way of contributing to Bola Ahmed Tinubu to enable him to purchase the Presidential expression of interest and nomination forms.

The Batch A stream II Corps member with NYSC call up number NYSC/80B/2022/060482 and state code: GM/22A/3185, said that he was supporting Bola Tinubu because he possesses the leadership qualities that can salvage the nation from its present predicaments.

Musa Darazo said that “I am donating my NYSC allowances to support Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s presidential aspiration. My motive for doing this is borne out of the fact that he has what it takes to liberate the country from its predicaments.”

According to him, “He has no idea of my intention, he does not even know me and we have never met before, but I am doing this out of pure love for him. Nigeria as a country is facing so many challenges and we need people like Bola Tinubu who has all the international connections to turn around the fortunes of this nation.”

The Corps member stressed that “We all saw when he was Governor of Lagos State, he spent two years without receiving an allocation from the Federation Account, but he recorded many achievements in all sectors of Lagos State”.

“If he can do this in Lagos state, he can do even more when he becomes President of Nigeria. This is why I am sacrificing my monthly allowances to this great person,” he said.

Musa Darazo also revealed that he would be meeting with Alhaji Bola Tinubu on May 15, where he would show him his love and hand over his April allowance of N33,000 to him personally.

He then called on supporters of Ahmed Tinubu from all parts of the country to support and appreciate his gesture in order to motivate other good spirited individuals to emulate him.

The Corps member said that his first allowance for the month of April will be handed to Ahmed Tinubu because he wants it to be part of the money that will be used in purchasing the form, adding that his subsequent allowances would also be donated for his presidential ambition.

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