Churches To Proceed On Forceful Recess Over Fear Of Bandits Attack


Churches in Kaduna State on Sunday closed earlier than usual for fear of bandits’ attack.

Some churches that usually conduct two-hour services reduced their closing time to an hour as rumours spread across the state that bandits are now targeting churches and mosques to kidnap members.

Although there was tight security during church hours, many pastors closed hurriedly as rumours of attacks continue to spread across the state.

Recall that a few weeks ago, a kidnapped young girl, who was released, told her parents in Kaduna that she heard kidnappers while in their den discussing possibilities of targeting churches and mosques.

“I heard kidnappers planning to attack churches since schools across the state are now on vacation,” she said.

Her revelations were made public, causing panic across the state.

Some Churches that have two to three services either merged them into one or significantly reduced the time spent in church.

Living Faith Church in Barnawa, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), God’s Chosen, St. Paul and St. Joseph baptist churches that start services by 7.30am and close 10.00am have now fixed 8.30am as closing time.

Pastor Moses Godswill of MFM told said that, “protection is better than cure. It’s better to know what the bandits were planning, and take urgent decisions before the children of God are caught unaware.”

According to him, since the plan of the enemies of the church was revealed, it’s better to play along with them.

Also speaking, Pastor Solomon Ojeriba of God Chosen Church, said God will never leave his own children for the devil to take them away.

Perhaps, that is why God revealed Himself through a released kidnapped victim. We need to take our decision before the devil sends its men to attack us,” he said.

It would that residents of the state have had sleepless nights for months following security threats across the state and its environs.

Kidnappers have taken over the state, as they kidnap, demand for ransom and kill at will, if ransom is delayed.


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