After Public Outcry, Delta “Street Credibility” Governor Visits Deserted Okuama Community


After public outcry over the inability of the Delta State Governor, Sheriff Oborevwori to access Okuama community to assess the level of destruction, the “street credibility” governor, has managed to visit the deserted and devastated community.

While his counterpart, Douyi Diri of Bayelsa state had since visited his people in Igbomotoru communities of Southern Ijaw local government area and addressed them of hope, Oborevwori, visited an empty community, where no life currently lives.

The governor and the team of jokers who visited the community took photoshoots alongside with army personnel who turned the community to a desolated place.

The pictures were taken in front of the Anglican Church building, one of the three buildings standing as there was apparently no community indigene to address.

But at the visit he gave assurance for the safe return of the indigenes who fled the community in the wake of the crisis of their safe return.

The Governor who was accompanied by some government officials, reiterated that innocent citizens would not be made to suffer for what they know nothing about.

It would be recall that 17 officers and soldiers were allegedly killed in Okuama community on the 14th of March, 2024.

A development which made the people of the community to flee for fear of being attacked, resulting into the burning down of Okuama by military personnel.

Speaking to journalists at Okuama, Governor Oborevwori said: “We have followed due process in the whole incident. The people have been buried and the King that was detained has been released yesterday and today I am here to see what happened in Okuama community.

“The Okuama 17 is something that we didn’t expect to happen because it is against our bargain for peace and security which I promised Deltans that we are going to enhance.

“We have been enjoying peace and security since last year until the 14th of March when the four Army officers and 13 soldiers were murdered.

“They were not just murdered, their bodies were mutilated and we have come here to see what happened.

“Let me again reiterate Mr President’s promise that no innocent person would be victimised and you can see that, from that time till now, there has been no harassment of citizens of this community.

“I have come to see how the innocent people of this community can be reintegrated back with the cooperation of the military.

“We know its a big loss to them but we have to follow due process. The Brigade Commander is with us and the newly posted Commander of 181 Battalion, Lt Col Dabo, is also here with us and its a great synergy.”

He said his administration was doing a lot to effectively resolve the dispute, adding that citizens of Okuama would soon return home.

Continuing, Governor Oborevwori, said: “Let me once again thank Mr President and Commander in Chief, Bola Tinubu, the Chief of Army Staff and the Chief of Defence Staff for their cooperation so far.

“They have been very supportive and they have kept to their promise that innocent people will not be victimised. I want to assure the people of Okuama there is no point running away from your community.

“We are going to bring you back to your community. It’s only those that are involved the military are looking for”.


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