Activist Calls For Arrest Of Parents Who Disown Their Child Over Allege Wizardry

A yet to be identified parents have thrown out their son after a prophet told them that their son was responsible for their ordeals.

The activist, Comrade Victor Ojei, has called for the immediate arrest of the parents and the prophet for grossly violating the child’s rights.

Comrade Ojei, who is the Director General (DG), Young Nigerian Rights Organization, accused the parents and the prophet of religious damage.

The activist pointed out that religion has caused more harm than good to the African continent.

He blamed the prophet over his inability to cast out the devilish power in the child which resulted to him being thrown out by her parents.

Hear him: “This child was thrown out of his home because a prophet told his parents that the child is a wizard and responsible for all their misfortune. 

“I will plead with the Nigerian police to arrest the so-called prophet and the parents of the child for gross violation of this child right. 

“Let’s assume the prophet was right, does his anointing forbid casting out of spiritual strongholds?

Ojei, noted that the child only unfortunately fell into religious extremists.

“In the true sense, this child is just a victim of religious stupidity and ignorance and manipulation. People always seek to blame others for their misfortune instead of tackling their challenges and working hard to make their lives better.

According to him, “The damage religion has done to Nigeria and Africa at large is unimaginable. Every misfortune will always be blamed on an imaginary entity and it’s worse when a child is at the receiving end. We must do all we can to protect the African child from all these evil that is being manifested on our children.

“Africa must rise and eschew religious ignorance and manipulation”, he added.


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