Gabonese Military Forces Take Over Government, Closes Borders


A group of senior Gabonese military officers have announced the seizure of power.

The officers claimed to represent all of Gabonā€™s security and defence forces, asserting their authority over the nation.

During their televised address, the officers declared the cancellation of the election results, closed all borders until further notice, and dissolved state institutions.

Gunfire could be heard in the capital city, Libreville, as tensions escalated following the officersā€™ announcement, according to a Reuters reporter.

Speaking on behalf of the Gabonese people, the officers expressed their determination to safeguard peace by bringing an end to the current regime.

According to the military officers, their actions reflect widespread discontent and dissatisfaction with the electoral process and the administration of President Ali Bongo.

President Bongo, the incumbent leader, had emerged victorious in the presidential election, securing a third term with 64.27% of the vote, according to the Gabonese election center.

If successful, the coup would represent the eighth in west and central Africa since 2020.

In July, the military snatched power in Niger, sending shockwaves across the Sahel.

Bongo, 64, succeeded his father Omar as president in 2009.

Credit: Daily Post except headline


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