Read The Heart Touching, Kind Words From One Of Rt. Hon. Friday Ossai Osanebi’s Beneficiaries


… He gave me a job, he sponsored my marriage now, he’s bought me a car

A popular and renowned Nigerian gospel artist and song writer Sis. #Chinyere_Udoma once wrote a song thus;
“You are the song that I sing today,
You are the life that I live today,
You are the reason for the season (celebration) today,
You have give me a new song today,
You have given me a new testimony,
You are the peace in my heart, the joy in my soul and the miracle in my hands today.
#Marvelous God, thou alone art worthy to be praised…”
Just so you understand why my wife was full of tears as my Boss Rt. Hon. Osanebi Ossai Friday presented us with a brand new car gift on that faithful Wednesday afternoon. On the 25th of May, 2020 after our Traditional marriage ceremony, I wrote thus below on my social media handle for those who can still remember;


“After my graduation in 2017, My wife today joined me in what seemed  like a joke and we knelt down then in prayers to God almighty and we made a prayer of request to God asking him for three things in three years time.
No. 1- Was for God to bless me with a good job because with a good job within a year, I will achieve my No. 2. Which was to marry “her” who knelt down with faith with me in prayers and who has been there for me throughout the times of tough and thin. And then by the third year, I projected to achieve the No.3. wish, which was to buy a car because I never wished my wife who has been there for me all the while to be visiting for antenatal or postnatal on foot or Okada. These were my three prayer points in 2017 with a set target of achieving them all in three years…”
As we prayed with no hope or foresight of what is to come but rather clinging our faith to the saying that “Where there Is a Man to Pray, there Is a God to Answer!”
Let’s fast forward, on the 24th of July, 2020, God through Rt. Hon. #Otunba_Osanebi_Ossai_Friday have answered my prayers 100% with the three years still counting because God answers prayers even through the last person we ever expected.
Three years ago when we made that prayer, if someone had told me that #Otunba_Friday_Osanebi will call me on the 1st of July, 2019 to resume with immediate effect, a life changing career job at Lekki, Lagos State. Then, On the 16th of May, 2020 solely sponsored my traditional marriage even amidst the scarcity of funds that greeted the rise of Corona virus lockdown in Nigeria and barely a month later on the 24th of June, 2020 call me to come pick up a specially purchased #Full_Option Toyota Camry car as a Marriage gift, I will surely cast a faith of doubt because I never expected it will be my turn so soon, not to talk more of being in such a quick succession likened to the speed of light but today, God through him has changed my story and turned my sorry into glory.
“#THANK_YOU_BOSS” is all I can find to say now for standing tall for me from start till now, whatever strength I might have tapped from you in the course of my progress in life, may God almighty replenish it in you 100% in Jesus Name.
Because you have touched my life and made me a living testimony of God’s grace and Goodness, testimony will never depart from your mouth and that of your family in Jesus Name!
Please, my people, wherever you people see Rt. Hon. #Friday_Osanebi, thank him for me, your brother and friend is a man today is because of his goodness.
Imalah Ugoachanum is my name…


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