Gbagi, The “Bad Good Man” In The Eyes Of The Public


Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi is not a man who is liked by many. At every point when the name comes up, people easily scorn at the person of Gbagi and utter invective remarks about the stories that surrounds his personality and social actions.

He is regarded by many persons who have heard about his activities as a sadist, a wicked man who is always determined to take his pound of flesh. He is seen as a man who does not have the milk of kindness.

Everyone you meet seem to have the same perception about the person of Kenneth Gbagi. It is only a few persons who have had direct dealings with Olorogun Gbagi and stuck to the terms of the deal that have positive stories to say about him.

These set of persons would tell you that Gbagi is a good man who scorn at persons who do not stay by the terms of a deal but rather than keep to the terms of the deal, chose to play smart by being deceptive and dubious.

Such persons attract the ire of Olorogun Gbagi and because he is a man who is always straight in all his dealings, as straight as a ruler, he detests such persons and because of his incorruptible personality-since he does not see any reason why someone should be deceptive and dubious, he stares at such persons with deep set anger and punish them for such irresponsibility and deception. Such is the person of Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi.

These persons who wanted to prove smart in their dealings with Gbagi and got caught and suffered punishment for their irresponsible and wicked acts are the ones who go to town and to the social media to give a dog a bad name.

They are the ones who go about fabricating fake accusations and untrue stories to tarnish the incandescent image of Kenneth Gbagi by painting him black. Such ridiculous stories about the person of Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi abounds.

And the general public just buy into these stories, hook line and sinker without bordering to ask questions before reaching the unholy conclusions about the person of Olorogun Gbagi.

There was an incident that happened not too long ago when Olorogun Gbagi gave a menial workman a job to do for him. Gbagi, fulfilled his part of the deal by paying the workman all the monies needed to do the work and also paid him charges. The workman promised to deliver at the agreed time.

Behold, the irresponsible workman failed to deliver the work as at when due. He was appealed to severally to get the work done but he kept promising and failing. When Olorogun Gbagi could no longer continue to condone the irresponsibility of the workman, he was asked to come to Gbagi’s place.

ln the full glare of everyone who were present, Olorogun Gbagi interrogated the workman. The workman agreed that he was paid everything he needed for the job.

The unreasonable reason he gave for not delivering the work was that he diverted the money to do other things and that he was waiting to get money elsewhere to do Gbagi’s work. Such persons are the ones who go to town to tell lies against Gbagi and paint him black.

There are so many of such encounters that Gbagi has had with menial workmen. And because Gbagi, did not allow them to rip him off, they fabricate lies and stories to dent his incorruptible and transparent personality.

Gbagi, though temperamental, is a man with a good heart. He has zero tolerance for lies and deception. He is a man who rewards hard work and a labourer who is diligent at his work. He is a down to earth individual who relates with ease with all strata of society but quick to get angry at the warps of anyone who has a dubious mindset.

As a young ambitious man, Gbagi worked with Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. He was loved by Awolowo because of his proactive attributes and the readiness at all times to carry out an assignment irrespective of the time and place.

He was loved by everyone he worked with in the course of his journey to the empire of wealth he has built today.

So, at a very young age Olorogun Gbagi, formed his incorruptible, transparent and honest personality. And because of this great and adorable personality, he gets easily irritated whenever he encounters persons with warped and deceptive attitude and character.

Olorogun Gbagi, is not a man who has any skeleton in his cupboard. Over the years, he has been a creative and astute businessman who is diligent and meticulous in all he does. His entire consciousness is suffused with the ennoble thought of how to create an idea and establish a business. It is on record that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) or the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has never been on his trail.

At a political function sometimes in 2022, he described himself as a trader with clean hands. lt is therefore not surprising that he scorns at deception, lashes out at persons who tell lies so as to gain undeserved advantages for themselves and treat “smart Alec’s”who always want to cheat at every turn of business deals like cheap robbers.

This transparent attitude, ennoble carriage and adorable character are the sins of Gbagi that makes him attract the hate and dislike of many people.

As an astute businessman, Gbagi, is always careful not to fall victim of persons whose intentions are always to thief and cheat in every of their dealings.

Sometime in November last year when Olorogun Gbagi, was working towards the reopening of his Cinema situated in his SIGNATIOUS hotel, he moved round to inspect what the painters were doing. He admired one of the painters for the good work he was doing and dashed him a reasonable amount of money for the good work he was doing. He is not a man who sees what is wrong and keep quiet. He addresses it immediately and deals with it appropriately.

The unreasonable and empty accusations that he is wicked and unforgiven are accusations borne out from the unreasonable dented value system of members of our depraved society who have accepted lie telling and cheating as normal norms. And when an individual stand for what is right, they gang up against him and give him a bad name.

The story of Jesus Christ in the scripture is an illustration of how good men suffer for upholding the truth. Jesus was the son of God who was sent to set humanity free but He was scorned and criticized by Pharisees and Sadducees who accused Him of associating with republicans and sinners.

He was accused of using satanic powers in carrying out the miracles He did. Jesus stood for what was right but the people He came to redeem hanged lies on His head and crucified Him. Today, Jesus Christ is the reference point in Christianity to the extent that He is adored and worshipped by Christians around the world.

Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, is just been crucified for standing on the path of what is right at all times and in all situations and for his incorruptible personality and stance. He is the” hand of God” that Delta State need to liberate herself from economic shackles. He is a man amongst men.

Olorogun Gbagi, may not have won the 2023 Governorship election, l believe that by 2027,all reasonable Deltans would reach the painful conclusion that Gbagi, is the man who the cap fits to be the Governor of Delta State.


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