DELTA LG: Ogor Leaders Decry Marginalization, Demand Ughelli North Council Chairmanship Seat


OGOR STAKEHOLDERS from Ughelli North Local government Area, comprising of the four clans, which are in constituency 1. Orogun kingdom, Evwreni Kingdom, Agbarha Kingdom and Ogor Kingdom, have protested the continued political marginalization of their region of the Ogor Axis, saying the time is ripe to produce the next Ughelli North Council Chairman.

After months of investigation, Delta Media Practitioners discovered that Ogor Kingdom has been thrown away interms of political leadership, that they were only recognized to pray traditionally when the people of constituency 1 gather in celebration, “that right from the practice of democracy since since the beginning of the fourth republic in 1999, the Ogor Axis have not had a fair share of the political fortunes of the State.

Delta Journalists are making a strong case for the people of Ogor Axis, that the Evwreni bloc have tested House of Assembly.

The Orogun bloc, have also produce, Council Chairman, inclusive of the Agbarha bloc, now is only Oto-Ogor kingdom left. only the people of Oto-Ogor are left out to benefit from the political fortunes of the state.

Ogor Kingdom stakeholders contended that it would only be fair and just for all the major political parties to take deliberate steps to cede their chairmanship tickets to only aspirants from Otor-Ogor.

“It is thus our contention,as it should be, we all must be acutely alive and responsive to the demands of social justice within the context of realities shaping up now to determine the 2024 LG elections, chairmanship race.

“As permutations for the 2024 LG elections start to coalesce, it is our collective belief that equity must be done to all section of the country, especially now that we all have agreed on zoning political system, by correcting historical imbalances that engender pains frustration among all.

The exclusion revealed by Delta Media Practitioners when weighed against the Ogor Kingdom’s contribution to the sociopolitical stability of the party, the Otor-Ogor and indeed, the whole local government is enough to raise questions of her value as a co- equal’team player and ally in the political system of the state.

It is on these premise that the stakeholders demand in the interest of fairness, equity and Justice that the office of the Ughelli North Council Chairman be ceded to an Otor-Ogor son or woman.


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