Delta Governor Asked To Render Account Of China Trip

Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa of Delta State, has been called upon to give Deltans the account of his trip to China, in which he was quoted to have said he would make Delta an Agricultural hub of the nation.

In an open letter to the governor on Friday posted on social media platforms especially Facebook by Comrade Hallen Eghwubare, the Chief of Staff to Ofejiro Oliver and Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to Hon. Christian Moses Abeh, the State Coordinator, Deltans Lives Matter, the governor was asked to make available the “Rice Processing Mill” he promised Deltans.

According to Eghwubare, “Your Excellency, permit me to recall far back in 2016 during your first tenure, to the knowledge and remembrance of all Deltans with regards your promise to make Delta State the ‘Agricultural Hub’ in terms of Rice Production among the comity of States in Nigeria. 

Gbagi Burial Poster

“You categorically told Deltans that you are traveling to China to purchase ‘Rice Processing Mill’ that will be used for the processing of rice in Delta State, thereby making Delta State to be self sufficient as far as rice consumption is concerned”.

He accused the state governor of using taxpayers monies on jamboree that has yielded nothing to the state four years since he travelled to China on the adventure.

Hear him: “To make Deltans believe in the ‘white elephant project’, you actually travelled to China on the 22nd of June, 2016, with Delta State tax payers’ money, stayed and enjoyed yourself in China for close to a week, came back to Delta State with a promise that soon, the ‘Rice Processing Mill’ will be brought to Delta State because according to you, the full financial cost of the Rice Processing Mill has been paid.

“Your Excellency, as a reminder, today is 11th of September, 2020, exactly 4yrs since you travelled to China for the purchase of the Rice Processing Mill. For how long shall Deltans wait in vain for the so-called ‘white elephant project’ named “Rice Processing Mill”? 

He wondered how long it takes to ship a mill from China to Nigeria, “or did you brainwash Deltans with this feracious lie called ‘Rice Processing Mill’?

According to the letter, “Your Excellency, for the sake of posterity, accountability and administrative prudence, can you tell Deltans what actually went wrong with regards the inability of the Chinese government not delivering the Rice Processing Mill to Delta State after full payment has been made?

“Delta State is no longer the ‘Big Heart’ as nationally and globally known occasioned by poor governance since 2015 till date. Other State governors, even fellow PDP governors travel for business ventures in favour of their States, come back with proofs and impact positively on the lives of their people but ours in Delta State is a reverse, why?

“Why other State Governors are making efforts to win the patronage of foreign and local investors to their respective States, Delta State is still lagging behind courtesy of administrative falsehood, executive cluelessness & political insensitivity, a symptom of backwardness that Delta State is currently experiencing, despite the huge federal allocations from the Federal Government on monthly basis.

“I, Hallen Eghwubare in collaboration with vast majority of Deltans, demand clarification, explanation and urgent reply with regards how the ‘Rice Processing Mill’ project died a natural death viz-a-viz the actual amount of money paid to the Chinese government for the purchase of the Rice Processing Mill which was not delivered.

“Your Excellency, with all due respect to your exalted office, failure to intimate Deltans of the Jack Robinson fruitless deal called ‘Rice Processing Mill’ within the next 48hrs and failure to acquire the Rice Processing Mill before the expiration of your 2nd tenure in 2023, will warrant massive peaceful protest to Government House, Asaba, thereby making the scenario a national affair.

“Your Excellency, your time starts NOW”, he added.

Hallen Eghwubare (Chief of Staff to Fejiro Oliver; Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to Hon. Christian Moses Abeh, Coordinator of Deltans Lives Matter DLM).


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