DELTA 2023: Women Cry Out Over Underdevelopment, Unemployment, As Gbagi, Deputy Storm Convention With Message Of Hope


When the wicked is on the throne the people suffers, is the direct opposite of when the righteous is on rules, the people rejoices.

It was heart rending when Christian women, comprising of mothers and unmarried ladies gathered at Peculiar Believers Assembly Int’l, for her Favoured Daughters Intercessors International Inc, fasting and prayer programme in Kwale, Ndokwa west local government area of Delta state.

The host, Bishop Mrs. Emmanuel Fidelia Oyemike, lamented that a state like Delta could not provide job opportunities for the youths rather they are treated as slaves in their own land.

She bemoaned that the Okpai Community, hosting the Independent Power Plant, has no power supply and no motorable roads while the youths who are supposed to be placed in juicy offices are rather subjected to the job of a cleaner.

Miffed by the underdevelopment that has bedeviled the oil rich state with Ph.d holders, she disclosed that politicians have deceived the church enough and have vowed never to be fooled again ahead of the 2023 general elections.

“We are not ready to be deceived again. Politicians have deceived us for so long. The truth of it is this, we are praying seriously, we need a change. We need someone who fears God.

“We are tired of deception and that is why all the Christian bodies in politics are praying for the person that will carry the Church along because the priest and the king are together.

“You cannot act as a king without the priest. And any king that was ordained and abandoned the priest, is like a son who abandoned his parents”.

The women who sat on the ground in tears, were led by Bishop Oyemike, into prayers against altars that have limited the progress of the state and kept her citizenry under perpetual bondage despite having enormous resources.

Earlier, the governorship candidate on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and former minister of State for education, Olorogun Barr. Kenneth Gbagi, FNIM, assured the Church that his administration would end the suffering of Deltans come May 2023.

Olorogun Gbagi, a renowned philanthropist cum owner of Gbagi Foundation, which he has used to touch many lives in respective of tribe, religion, culture and political affiliation, revealed that he left the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), because of the carnality and wickedness in the party.

Gbagi, a former member of the National Executive Council, told the congregation that he is contesting the governorship election under the Social Democratic Party, a platform MKO Abiola won the presidential election at the national and Olorogun Felix Ibru, coasted to victory as governor in the state.

He was accompanied by his Deputy Governorship candidate, Chief Mrs. Oshilim Ishioma Rosemary, the State party Chairman, Ambassador Oke Idawene JP, and the State Youth Leader, Iluya Matthew among other supporters and associates.

“The kind of money Delta State has, all these people here have no reason to live any substandard life.

“I am vying for governorship under the SDP. That is the party with which Felix Ibru ruled Delta State without blemish and that is the party with which MKO Abiola won the freest and fairest election.

While lamenting the hardship in the country, he said: “Delta State is worst, with all the money that we have, there is no one meaningful development, all our companies have died, all our children are in the street and all our daughters are now beggers, doing unholy things to be able to eat”, he said.

He solicited for prayers to enable him continue in his quest to liberate the state, “I am happy to be here. What I was told about this church, I have come to confirm myself. My main purpose of coming here, is prayers. If all these multitude here prays, God will answer their prayers.

“Haven seen you people, the strength I have that made me to say I am contesting for governorship of Delta State, with your prayers here, I am confident and I believe that Delta State can liberate its children from poverty.

He promised to grant free education to all Delta children and pay all pensioners and retirees their entitlements within 200 days of his administration in 2023.

“Two things I have promised. Because of the level of impoverishment of our people and the money that is available to us, my government by the grace of God in 2023, will grant free education to all Delta children.

“We will not have any reason why people who have suffered and work for the state, their pensions and retirement benefits are not being paid. We have said, our government in 200 days, we will clear all bills of pensioners and retirees.

“The state has money, all we need is to bring a man with a business mind who does not believe in eating government’s money. We have a lot, Delta can feed, train, employ its people. There is enough money, let us use the money for Deltans and we must use our money to develop the State” he said


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