Akpoveta Lauds Foundation For Paying Health Insurance For 100 Indigents In Delta


The Director General, Delta State Contributory Health Commission, Olorogun Dr. Isaac Akpoveta, has commended Oganishu Umu Ogbekenu Foundation for enrolling 100 indigent members of Onicha-Olona community in Aniocha north local government area of the State into the scheme.

He said the gesture would enhance the chances of the less-privileged to access medical care.

The Director General, stated this on Monday April 1st, 2024, in Onicha-Olona, Aniocha north local government area Of Delta State.

In his address at the flagg off and distribution of health insurance cards to the indigent enrollees, Dr. Akpoveta, expressed joy over the generosity of the foundation that has set a shining example for all to follow.

He said: “the adoption and purchase of health insurance for 100 vulnerable individuals in your community in response to the clarion call of the DSCHC to all people of goodwill to key into the Indigent Enrollee Adoption Initiative of the commission is not just an act of charity; it is a demonstration of profound empathy and a tangible commitment to the well-being of our people.

“The Indigent Enrollee Adoption Initiative, pioneered by the Delta State Contributory Health Commission, aims to ensure that every resident, regardless of their socio-economic status, has access to quality healthcare.

“It is heartening to see the spirit of solidarity and community support exemplified by this foundation, whose noble gesture will provide essential health coverage for those who need it most.

“With just N7000 per person you can purchase our health insurance card for your neighbor to access quality health care throughout the year.

“This is exactly what the Oganishu Umu Ogbekenu Foundation has just done, and the reason we are here today.

“Healthcare should not be a luxury reserved for the privileged few; it is a fundamental human right that must be guaranteed to all.

“By stepping forward to adopt enrollees and purchase health insurance for the vulnerable members of your community, this foundation has demonstrated a profound understanding of this principle and shown us the power of collective action in creating positive change.

“Today, as we witness the distribution of the health insurance cards to enrolled adoptees, i urge each and every one of us to be inspired by the selflessness and dedication of this foundation. Let us all take up the mantle of responsibility and join hands in supporting our fellow community members who are in need.

“Whether through philanthropic initiatives, volunteering, or advocacy, there are countless ways in which we can contribute to the well-being of those around us.
Together, we can build a more inclusive and compassionate society where everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy and dignified life.

“Let us seize this moment as a call to action, a reminder that our collective strength lies in our ability to care for one another and uplift those who are less fortunate. This is what the M.O.R.E. Agenda of the Oborevwori administration stands for. Think M.O.RE. And do more for your neighbor.

“Furthermore, I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to the foundation that has keyed into this initiative and to all who have generously supported this noble cause. I pray that their kindness and generosity inspire us all to emulate their example and strive for a society where health care is a right, not a privilege. Amen”.

Also speaking, chairman of the governing board of the Delta State Contributory Health Commission, Dr. Austin Obidi, said the MORE Agenda of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori means more access to better healthcare to all Deltans. He said in conjunction with the hospitals management board, the commission agreed that enrollees satisfaction should be on the front burner.

Earlier, the Director General of the foundation, Mr. Anthony Chukwugozi Mondugwe, said Oganishu Umu Ogbekenu Foundation, enrolled 100 indigent members of Onicha-Olona community into the Delta State Contributory Health Commission under its Indigent Enrollee Adoption Initiative.

Mr. Mondugwe, explained that the foundation would have done more up to 1000, but decided to test the waters to see the testimonies of the enrollees.

He assured that if the enrollees comes with good testimonies, the foundation would do more up to the 1000 enrollees as required of them.

“The coming of your organization is a very pleasant surprise and has given us a greater confidence in the organizational ability of scheme.

“If the Chairman, DG, directors could forget about the celebration we are doing today, people are supposed to be on holiday and they are now working, that shows the commitment to the scheme and we are very grateful.

“We are all Deltans and you are there representing us ensuring that our health is assured because if you are not healthy, there is nothing you can do in life.

“Immediately we saw this, as we are coming in for our activities which we do annually, we decided that we are going to key into this programme.

“We started with 100 because we said we don’t know what it is all about. We don’t know the details yet, we don’t even know if our people will like it. But let us go and try these 100 people.

“If they come out with testimonies, obviously, it will encourage us to enroll more and that is why we started with the 100. It is not that we cannot enroll more and we are hoping that the experience of the 100 registered will be pleasant so as to encourage the 1000 enrollment.

“Our children nationwide and in Disposal are capable and willing to rescue the lives of our people. So, we are very grateful” he stressed.

Some elated members of the community including men and women, who spoke to journalists, commended the State Government and the management of Delta State Contribution Health Commission for the laudable Initiatives.

Those present at the event include Chief Nkenchor Anobe (Obunze Igwe), Chief Eric Okodike (Nwadei), Chief Osita Olunwa (Onowu), Iyase Onicha Olona, Ajeh Ajeh Ajeh nu, Patrick Anyabuofu Ejidoh – P.G
Oganihu Umu Ogbeokenu Foundation DG – Chukwugozi Anthony Modungwo among other opinion and community leaders.


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