2023: Monarch Scores SDP Presidential Candidate, Adebayo High


It is fairly reasoned that the challenges and solutions of leadership are inside leaders. This view stands in line with the fact that natural leaders don’t just do things, they change things.

Listening to the owner of KAFTAN TV and presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo, one cannot but agree that, indeed, wisdom is earned better in the den of setbacks than in the coziness of victories.

Unable to hold his endorsement back, the Pere of Tuomo Kingdom, His Royal Majesty (HRM), Justice F F Tabal, JSC, CON (rtd), expressed amazement at the wisdom and knowledge with which the SDP Presidential candidate, addressed the myriad of problems facing the country and how to resolve them when elected president in 2023.

The business guru, spoke when he, the governorship candidate of the party in Delta State and former minister of State for education, Olorogun Barr. Kenneth Gbagi – an exceptionally intelligent industrialist, the chairman of the party covering South-south, Elder Fred Owhotorofa, the State chairman, Ambassador Oke Idawene JP, the Deputy governorship candidate, Chief Mrs Oshilim Ishioma Rosemary and other chieftains and loyalists visited Delta Ijaw Traditional Rulers Forum.

Although traits are quite developed for natural leadership, certain individuals like Prince Adebayo, are, without doubt, born natural leaders.

Perhaps, this is what the revered monarch saw while the international lawyer cum youngest presidential candidate in 2023, was addressing the kings.

According to him, “I am overwhelmed and fascinated to hear somebody not from the Niger Delta to speak the way you spoke.

“As a traditional ruler, I cannot go and campaign but I will vote. My card, I know where my card will go.

“I pray that you have the ability to go round the country because you need to sell these ideas to Nigerians. It is going to be a lot of work.

“I will pray for you. All of us will pray for you but try and sell these your ideas. God will bless you.

Speaking on how the region has suffered in the hands of bad leaders and milked dry by other regions, the former Justice of the Supreme Court, JSC, said: “Your majesties, first of all, I want to thank God for being part of this occasion today. Few years ago, when I was in the Supreme Court, I traveled to Kaduna with a friend and a colleague from Kaduna State.

“He took me to his farm and while we were discussing, he made a statement. He said in Kaduna State, we have a lot of things like Gold, Graphite, Sillimanite, Amethyst, Kyannite, Serpentine, he mentioned a lot of things.

“But he ended up saying that because of the oil in Niger Delta, we are not in a hurry to exploit the minerals.

“Another time, when I was a Justice in the Court of Appeal in Ibadan, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, from Oyo State, made similar comment about Ondo State.

“He said in Ondo State my Lord, we have a lot of bitumen that is enough to exploit and tare all our roads instead of importing but we are not in a hurry to exploit these Bitomel because of the oil in Niger Delta.

“Also from the south, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, he also talked that way. So, I am particularly surprised and pleased to see you speak the way you spoke today.

“This is the seat of the oil, NNPC headquarters is in Abuja and we have one small branch of it here in Warri another small branch in Port Harcourt.

“You go there, from the gateman to the topmost man, you hardly see one person from the Niger Delta.

“Just last year, Mr. President gave 23 key appointments into NNPC. Out if the 23 key appointments, 20 is from the north, three from the south.

“So, Mr. President will not even think of the sensibilities and the pains been inflicted by appointments like these”, he lamented.


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