100 DAYS IN OFFICE: Deltans Groan Under Sorry State Of Obiaruku-Abraka Road


A cross section of Deltans have described the Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori’s 100 days in office as insensitive, following a stark contrast from the deteriorating Obiaruku/Abraka Road in Ukwuani and Ethiope east local government areas of the State.

Commuters and residents alike are expressing their outrage at the grim state of this crucial roadway.

Journalists who ventured to Obiaruku to investigate the condition of the Agbor-Umutu-Obiaruku-Abraka-Eku route were met with a distressing sight.

The road, which serves as a vital lifeline to Abraka, a renowned community housing Delta State University (DELSU), the state’s premier institution of higher learning, has become virtually impassable.

Stranded and broken-down vehicles line the road, stretching from the Obiaruku end, depicting a dire scenario.

In candid discussions with numerous commuters, predominantly parents and students of DELSU, their collective frustration and dismay towards the Delta State Government’s neglect of this vital artery were palpable.

“It’s truly disheartening that our State Government, both past and present, seems to disregard the significance of this road to the entire population of the state.

“This is the lifeline to a prestigious state-owned university, DELSU, which admits over two thousand students annually.

“This road is our lifeline—it’s how we transport our children to school and back home,” expressed a concerned parent, Dr. Ufuoma Oghenekevwe.

“It’s regrettable that the government, while celebrating 100 days in office, hasn’t been able to repair this vital road.

“This demonstrates insensitivity and a disregard for the people’s well-being. It’s almost inhumane,” lamented Dr. Oghenekevwe.

Regarding the argument that the Federal Government’s ownership of the road absolves the Delta State Government of responsibility for repairs, commuters argue that it’s the state’s duty to alleviate their suffering, especially when it possesses the capability to undertake repairs, even if only temporarily, considering the road’s importance.

“Tinubu, Buhari, or the officials in Abuja don’t traverse this road; it’s us—the citizens of Delta State—that rely on it daily.

“The Governor and the Executive Council are well aware of the road’s condition,” Dr. Oghenekevwe emphasized.

“The claim that the Federal Government should repair the road is untenable. When we have a pressing issue affecting our citizens, who do we call? Isn’t it the State Government?

“Over 90% of those who use this road are unaware that it’s the Federal Government’s responsibility, and they couldn’t care less.

“All they know is that this is the Obiaruku and Abraka link road in Delta State, and it’s the State Governor’s duty to alleviate their hardship due to the deplorable road conditions,” he added.

“We appreciate the State Government and the Vice Chancellor for their contributions to DELSU’s infrastructure and academic excellence, but we are baffled as to why they allow us and our parents to endure such severe hardships due to this road.

“Please, help us convey our plea to them,” implored Nkechi Okolie, a third-year student at DELSU.

In light of these impassioned pleas, commuters are urgently calling on the State Governor, Rt Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, to prioritize the immediate rehabilitation of the Obiaruku/Abraka road for the welfare of Delta State’s citizens.


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